Our Mission

The Peaceful Achiever’s aim is to provide self and life mastery tools, tips and ideas on being your best self and living at your highest standard.

Trusha Khambhaita, Founder, The Peaceful Achiever

This is how The Peaceful Achiever came to be:

My career started in banking. The power suits were fun and I learnt a lot as their management-training program was great but it wasn’t a career I wanted to be in for the rest of my life.  So, in pursuit of work fulfillment, I changed career and went to work for the charity and not for profit sector. (Talk about a polar opposite career change!)

Although my work became more fulfilling and I am fortunate to have a wonderful family – something was still missing. My life felt unbalanced.

The missing part of the jigsaw puzzle was combining personal development strategies I had learnt as a Tony Robbins graduate and other great personal development leaders with meditation. The combination of which, I believe = A Peaceful Achiever.

I’ve gained valuable work skills from the bank’s management training program.  I learnt about compassion, making a difference and being a giver through my work in the charity sector.  Meditation has helped me find inner peace and manage stress.  Through Personal Development, I’ve learnt success strategies from the world’s most inspiring teachers. The tough times (as we all have those!), have taught me about my own strength and resilience. And being a Mother has taught me about selfless love.

I am truly grateful for all these experiences in helping me create The Peaceful Achiever.

Simply put, I want to share information that I wish I knew as a child and that I want my children to know.

I truly hope you find value in The Peaceful Achiever.

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Shine bright.

Trusha x