Guided Meditations on You Tube

Guided Meditations on You Tube

We all know that You Tube can be an excellent source of information however shifting through the plethora of content to find something that is relevant and valuable can be a challenge. (For example, there are over 8 million meditation related content videos.) Aside from a simple breathing meditation, a guided meditation is perhaps one […]

Mindful Happiness

Mindful Happiness – 5 Ways mindfulness makes you happy

What is mindful happiness? Mindfulness brings and maintains your focus on the present moment.  By doing so, you are not to dwelling on the past or the future and you are taming your mind from constant distractions. It’s about being aware of what’s going on inside us and around us without judgment. (You can read […]

How to do a simple Mindful Walking Meditation

Do you want to add variety to your meditation practice? Are you finding a sitting meditation too uncomfortable? Do you need to stretch your legs after sitting down at a desk? Do you want to get out into some fresh air? Then consider giving mindful walking meditation a go. What is a Mindful Walking Meditation? […]

Breathing Meditation - a simple form of meditation and mindfulness

Breathing Meditation – a simple form of meditation and mindfulness

What is free and usually something we take for granted? Our life depends on it and if we hold it for over 3 minutes we will perish. The answer of course is breathing. A breathing meditation is probably the simplest form of meditation that can be performed by anyone. All you need to be able […]

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