Lesson from an Old Sage

An old sage was out on his daily walk with this young pupil.

They come across a little seedling that was growing out of the ground. The old sage said ‘pull out that seedling from the ground’ so the pupil bends down and pulls out the little seedling.

Then they walk up to a bigger plant and the sage says ‘take this plant from the ground’. The young pupil pushes and pulls and after 45 minutes of hard effort he manages to uproot the plant.

Then they come across a mighty oak tree and the sage says ‘take this tree out of the ground.’   The young pupil can’t even see the top of the tree so he turns to the sage and say ‘it’s impossible, there is no way I can get this tree out of the ground’.

The old sage says to the pupil that’s exactly what your habits are like. The longer you let them grow, the deeper their root system becomes and the taller they get in your life, until you don’t even think it is possible to uproot them from your life.

Moral of the story: Do not allow bad habits to grow in your life and remove them as soon as they take root.

Original Author unknown

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