20 scientific reasons to meditate

Meditation has become trendy but in essence it is a thousand year old practice of calming the mind and halting day to day stressors. In doing so, it benefits every area of your life.

Here is a quick summary of 20 scientific reasons to start meditating:

      1. Boost your immune system (which helps to fight disease)
      2. Decreases pain
      3. Decreases depression
      4. Increases feelings of happiness –increases positive emotions
      5. Improves memory
      6. Decreases anxiety
      7. Decreases stress
      8. Makes you fitter – get more out of your workout
      9. Can help you lose weight
      10. Is anti-aging
      11. Helps you be a better person (kinder and more social)
      12. Increases emotional intelligence and social connection
      13. Makes you more compassionate
      14. Makes you feel less lonely
      15. Helps you sleep better
      16. Makes you more focused
      17. Relieve headaches
      18. Gives you a healthier heart
      19. Makes you more creative
      20. Makes you wiser!

This great infographic is a great resource to easily identifying all the numerous benefits.
There are so many good reasons to start meditating. Make a difference to your life and start meditating today!

Credit: liveanddare.com

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