Guided Meditations on You Tube

Guided Meditations on You Tube

“Your mind is your instrument. Learn to be its master and not its slave.”  Remez Sasson 

We all know that You Tube can be an excellent source of information however shifting through the plethora of content to find something that is relevant and valuable can be a challenge. (For example, there are over 8 million meditation related content videos.)

Aside from a simple breathing meditation, a guided meditation is perhaps one of the easiest ways to meditate.

The best definition of a guided meditation I have come across is, that it is, simply a meditation with the help of a guide. A guide will help talk you through a visualization meditation exercise.

Here are two of my favorite-guided meditations on You Tube.

1 – Vishen Lakhani – 6 Phase Guided Meditation

 This guided meditation by Vishen Lakhani from Mind Valley, is 21 minutes long and it covers the following:

  • Connection to all around you
  • Gratitude for the beautiful moments in your life
  • Forgiveness in order to move on with your life
  • Visualizing your perfect future
  • Daily intention to help make today an amazing day
  • Blessing from a higher power for luck, energy and support.

What I really like about this meditation is that it covers all the bases in your life. It is like the wheel of life of meditations. (Read more about The Wheel of Life here).

Although you can do this meditation at any time of the day I think it is the perfect morning meditation to get you feeling connected, grateful and focused.

2 – Bob Proctor – Abundance Meditation

Bob Proctor is a world-renowned personal development and law of attraction coach who appeared in the popular film The Secret.

His smooth and rich voice talks you through a beautiful and relaxing meditation on the abundance all around you.

Why not give these meditations a go and share your favorite-guided meditation below.

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