Meditation 101 – 10 tips for beginners

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1. Make meditation a part of your routine
Life gets hectic but for the sake of your health and happiness it’s worth scheduling some time to start meditating daily. A lot of people find first thing in the morning a good time before all the distractions of the day. Carve out some ‘me’ time for yourself.

2. Stretch First
Stretching before meditation helps to relax you and prepares your brain for positivity!

3. Try several positions
There are no rules on meditating in a certain position so simply find the most comfortable way for you to meditate.

4. Focus on your breath
Focusing on your breathing helps to develop the ability to concentrate and it helps release the mind from external stress and anxiety.

5. Connect with your body
Once your mind is quiet you can focus on your body. Feel your heart rate drop and your body relax. In turn, you can focus on different parts of your body and feel them relax.

6. Be aware of frustrations
Don’t beat yourself up if frustrations enter your mind. Acknowledge any frustrations and let them go. Go back to focusing on your breathing.

7. Use candles and meditation music
Candles can be good to focus on and if you live somewhere noisy than meditation music can help to block out external noise.

8. Pick a designated length of time
You don’t have to meditate for hours at a time to reap the benefits. You could start by simply setting aside 5 to 10 minutes a day. The goal is to make meditation a daily habit.

9. Meditate with others
Some people prefer to meditate with others as it makes them feel more connected. Perhaps research local group classes.

10. Enjoy and feel grateful!
Remember there are no right or wrong ways to meditate – it should be a joy – a gift to yourself. At the end of every session, think about the things you are grateful for. Meditating and being grateful will make you feel more at peace and positive about life.

This summary of top tips is taken from The Peaceful Achiever’s Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.  You can receive a copy as a free welcome gift for joining our newsletter.

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