Be a Peaceful Warrior as well as a Peaceful Achiever

Hello – I hope you’re well!

The last couple of days, I have thinking about what Brendon Burchard calls the 5 Rules of Life.

In summary, his 5 Rules are:

1 – You need to have a vision of which direction you want your life to head

2 – You need to believe in your ability to figure things out

3 – Have fun chasing your dreams

4 – Be patient and persistent

5 – Love and respect others along the way as they also pay the game of life

What really resonated with me was when Brendon said that  everybody has setbacks and you can choose to be a Worrier or be a Peaceful Warrior.  In my mind, a Peaceful Warrior would accept the setback with grace and would take up the challenge they face with honor, having faith and keep on taking action.

Setbacks and challenges are an inevitable part of life.  I wish for us the strength and courage to be a Peaceful Warrior as well as a Peaceful Achiever.

You can watch the full 10 minute video from Brendon below.

Wishing you love, light and peace – you rock!

With gratitude