The Wheel of Life

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A major part of living a rewarding and peaceful life is to seek to have balance in the most significant areas:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Wealth & Abundance
  • Career/Mission
  • Relationships
  • Learning & Education
  • Fun & Recreation
  • Spirituality, Gratitude & Giving

For example, an unbalanced life could look like; you have a great career but poor health. Or you have your finances in order but your in an unhappy relationship.

The Wheel of life is a tool that can help you visually evaluate the significant areas in your life enabling you to see where you may need to make some changes and perhaps, re-prioritize your energy and focus.

How the wheel of life works:

The sections in the Wheel of Life correspond to significant areas in a person life. The different areas encourage us to consider all areas and aim to have a balanced wheel in order to live in harmony. The middle of the circle corresponds to ‘0’ (least satisfied) and the outside of the ring of the circle corresponds to ‘10’ (fully satisfied). Take each area in turn and grade your level of satisfaction. Draw a line across the section that represents the number your currently rate yourself. You will now have created a visual idea of areas in your life that you may need to work on. It’s time to make some changes and put plans in place to regain balance.

I have created a simple Wheel of Life you can download and use. Please download it here

Guide to the Wheel of Life

Health and fitness

You eat healthy foods and exercise daily. You have overcome unhealthy habits such smoking, drinking excessive alcohol, eating refined sugar and caffeine. You breathe deeply and meditate. You manage your stress levels in a positive way.


You invest 10% of your income. You have a budget which takes account of automatic bill payment. You have savings and some ‘fun money’ to play with enjoying a lifestyle you love. Your finances are organised and you know where relevant paperwork is. Insurances are in place such as life cover. You have a 3 -6 months emergency fund in savings. You have investment and savings plans in place for retirement. You have a plan in place to achieve financial freedom.


You are doing what you love to do. You are living your purpose. Your work is rewarding. You have career progression. You add value to others and you feel valued for your contribution. You are at the top of your game.


You look forward to being with your significant other. Thinking of them makes you smile. You feel loved and supported by your family. You equally cherish and support them in turn. You treasure the magical moments you share with them. No one has a perfect family. You can’t change others but you can practice selfless love. You have positive friends who lift you up and you can rely on. You make new friends who stretch you as a person.

Fun & recreation:

Life can get serious. Do you make time to just have fun doing things that you love? Do you laugh? Do you let your inner child play? Do you do things that nature your soul such as go for walks on the beach or have a massage? How about learning a new hobby?

Personal Development & Education

Education shouldn’t stop when you leave school or university. We must continue to grow as a person and exercise our mind. Read books and listen to the great masters of our time. Develop valuable skills and learn about the world around. Learn to be the best you can be. Become a lifelong learner.

Spiritual Connection, Gratitude & Giving

Do you have inner peace? Do you live with hope and faith? Do you feel a sense of connection to the world around you? Do you life with gratitude for all the amazing people and things in your life? Are you a giver or just a taker? (You can give your time by volunteering, knowledge or financially make a difference.)

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